Friday, June 20, 2008

May We Not Glory in Ourselves, but Christ Alone

Pray especially that the band members of VIVIT will not glory in themselves but CHRIST alone!

RE: Performance this Sunday: "Pops in the Park" in Springdale, AR for Republican mayoral candidate, Nancy Jenkins.

---VIVIT Performance: 5:50pm (yes, they changed it)
---They will have 10 minutes to set up all of their equipment (they originally said 15 minutes)
---We have to be there one hour before they perform
---They will have 25 minutes to perform (they originally said 30 minutes)

The other day during practice it took them 22 minutes. I think we will be good as long as they do not get distracted.

In previous performances, kids have asked for autographs from the band. This typically happens more to the vocalist. This is an opportunity for the band members to give glory to God. How? They are all actually really uncomfortable with writing their signature. My suggestion is to point to Christ in their words as they are talking to them and write along with their signature something like "To God be all the glory" or "In Christ alone" along with their favorite Scripture reference. This is also when they will be giving out "Do Hard Things" brochures.

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