Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures of Dallas Rebelution Conference!

The above pic is Alex and Brett Harris. Founders of the Rebelution. Brett wore the hat so that we could all tell them apart. This is the view from our seats. Front row center!!!

The above pic is sadly missing some very important people, like our drummer Caleb, our pastor's son, Caleb, and Lauren's sister, Lindsey. From right to left is Lauren, our vocalist and acoustic guitarist; Hayley from our church; Brandon, our djembe player and bassist; Regan from our church; Hayden from our church; and Josh, our electric and acoustic guitarist. Do I have to really tell you who the 2 people are in the middle?

The above pic is Gregg Harris, the father of Brett and Alex.


Life Savior said...

I'm great friends with Alex and Brett! Not really! I wish! I enjoy their ministry a whole lot though.


Brandon Nunley said...

We wish you could have come with us!!!