Saturday, August 2, 2008

What's Up???

The band has been learning more praise and worship songs to prepare for the upcoming school season. Not only have they been playing at their church, but they are looking at playing for their schools chapel time. This has been a fun, busy summer with several performances behind them. The experience has been enriching.
The band has also enjoyed going through the books listed on the right side-bar. They have just finished up the first 5 chapters together in "Worship Matters" which is an excellent book they highly recommend... not just for those who sing and play instruments. It is a book fr all Christians because worship for His glory is what we are all called to do.
They still practice just about everyday at the Nunley home. Plus, they are working on painting and decorating their new music room. Hopefully we will get some pictures up of that adventure soon. Some of the paint did end up on the walls. :-D
For the purpose of longing to do the fundraiser justice, they are taking it more slow than originally projected. We were hoping to do it before school started this Fall, but to do it right we felt their needed to be more time and prayer and planning. So it looks like it will be fully unfolding later on. We will let you all in on the details at some point, but would sincerely appreciate your prayers.
In the meantime, press on for His glory alone.

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