Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slideshow of Josh's Baptism

To view a slide show of Josh's baptism, go to THIS LINK.


Life Savior said...


Life Savior said...

Sorry I was able to attend! I truly would have loved to have been there to encourage you. Remember to glorify God and His Son in all that you do! Love you man!

All For His Son's Glory,

Life Savior said...

I just listened to the Paul Washer sermon you have on the sidebar. That was a great message! I've heard it before but it's so good to hear things multipule times. One of my favorites besides this one is his sermon called the "Preemmince of the Gospel." you should listen to it!
I love Paul Washer. He is such a convicting preacher.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh. It sounds like it went really good. Mine went well too. You can read about it on my blog ( I wish it could have been warm though. It was SOOO cold! But you can read about it on that link.
In Christ,