Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fund Raiser For Soldiers & Bind Up the Broken

The band is prayerfully and actively working on a fund raiser for a platoon of 50 plus soldiers in Iraq. This group of soldiers need hot weather shirts that are flame resistant and help cool the body, international phone cards to allow them to call home, as well as several other needs. It has been 130 degrees lately where they are stationed. This hot weather shirt could be so beneficial for them as they are serving our country in this extreme heat... so VIVIT came up with the following idea: (inspired by the Rebelution)

We are working in conjunction with a new facility in Rogers that will allow us, and anyone interested, in gathering support by asking for sponsors to donate money for each basketball free throw you make within a 30 second time frame during this fund raising venture. The funds will go towards the needed hot weather shirts and any additional funds raised will be donated to Bind Up the Broken, a branch ministry of The Shepherd's Crook that is devoted to providing medical aid to orphaned special needs children who are currently still waiting in other countries for a family to adopt him or her.

This adoption medical ministry is especially dear to the hearts of the band members because the drummer is adopted and the Nunley brothers have adopted twin siblings.

If you are in the NW Arkansas area, consider being a part of this adventure by gathering sponsors and shooting free throws. You guys are going to LOVE the new facility where we will be doing this fund raiser!!! (more details will be provided ASAP). For those not in this area, please consider participating by being a sponsor of any or all of the band members of VIVIT.

Most especially pray for this adventure that we will get funds for these worthy causes way beyond our expectations!!!

Details of time and location and how you can get involved will be provided soon.

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Life Savior said...

Just wanted to tell you that most of his songs are down-tuned a half-step. So E is Eb, A= Ab so on and so forth. You should check out his blog, he will sometimes put out the chords and teach you how to play the song.